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Shipping only one penny  per video/dvd with any online order! Expires soon, order now!

You may now order your video/dvds online with a check or credit card. To order follow these three simple steps, or call us at 1-800-299-2672. All titles are available in vhs by calling our toll free number. This form will use the free Paypal gateway for all payments, but you do not need to be a Paypal member to pay.

NOTE: If you are confused CLICK HERE for detailed instructions

Step #1. Choose the number of video/dvds you wish to order. At the shopping cart click on continue shopping to select the titles you want on this page.

Step #2 Return to this page and select the names of each video/dvd you wish to order. You must select the number of dvds AND the titles on this page. 

Step #3: Check out.

1. Step one. Select the quantity of dvds you are ordering. This will set your discount level (you must select one of these choices).

Click below on the button next to the total number of dvd's you wish to order.

Click Add to Cart to order one dvd only
Click Add to Cart to order two dvds. Save $20.
Click Add to Cart to order three dvds. Save $42.
Click Add to Cart to order four dvds. Save $76.
Click Add to Cart to order five dvds. Save $100.
Click Add to Cart to order six dvds. Save $124.
AFTER selecting the number of videos above, select the specific titles you are ordering in step 2.

2. Step two. Click on the specific video/dvds you want to order.

Cleaning Essentials-English Ed. $99   dvd
Cleaning Essentials-Spanish Ed. $99    dvd
Make Ready Cleaning-English Ed. $99    dvd
Make Ready Cleaning-Spanish Ed. $99    dvd
Safety and Procedures-English Ed.$99    dvd
Safety and Procedures-Spanish $99    dvd
Maid Service Operations $99    dvd
Employee Essentials $99    dvd
Advertising Growth and Expansion $99    dvd
How to Find and Keep Employees $99    vhs
Employee Training - How and Why $99    vhs
Maid Service Forms Package $199    cd
How To Clean Windows Like The Pros.  book   $12.99
Straight Talk About Window Cleaning Bidding.   book $24.99

3. Step three. Click here to check out.