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Whether you already own a maid service (housecleaning business), or are eager to start a new one, we offer a large selection of dvds to help you succeed. These dvds are currently used by 100's of maid services around the country. Click here if you would like to know why you should start a maid service. Read comments from satisfied users of our materials.


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Management Dvds

Maid Service Operations-From A-Z

This dvd covers ten areas essential to the growth and success of any house cleaning service, including: quality control, employee hiring and retention, pricing, legal matters, advertising and 10 keys to growth. 
1 hour 15 minutes. $99   DVD

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Advertising Growth and Expansion

Tired of being stuck in a rut? This dvd is packed with ideas and strategies that will help you grow and expand your maid service. Learn marketing techniques that will help you expand. Growth and expansion strategies that will take you to the next level of success. Guaranteed to help your business or you may return it for a full refund.


Length: 60 minutes. Price $99 ITEM# AE1.


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Employee Essentials - Find And Keep Good Ones

The fine art of finding, motivating and keeping qualified employees. This dvd is guaranteed to help you improve your employee retention and productivity. If you are not fully satisfied, you may return it for a refund! There are few more difficult yet valuable challenges than finding qualified employees and keeping them. This informative, educational dvd will help managers, supervisors and business owners develop this necessary and all-important skill. This dvd will give you the skills you need to hire, motivate and keep quality workers. Ideal for supervisory training.


 Length: 60 minutes. Price $99 ITEM# EE1.


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Employee Training - The How And Why

Training is critical to effective supervision, business development, productivity and profit. Wm Griffin believes training should be a consistent, ongoing process, and he details the concept in this persuasive and informative dvd. Contents include innovative suggestions for developing training materials and proven methods for achieving a more efficient and effective custodial staff. Ideal for managerial and supervisory training.

Length: 60 minutes. Price $99 VHS

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Quick Start Package

This package will give you everything you need to have your own company up and running within one week-AT A HUGE DISCOUNT!     Includes 4 dvds. Three to train your workers: Cleaning Essentials-The Routine Cleaning, Move Out Make Ready Cleaning, Safety and Procedures. One Dvd to teach you how to run your new company: Maid Service Operations. It also includes the Forms Package that will save you hundreds of hours of time in setting up your new service. 

4 Dvds plus forms package: Price $475

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Housecleaning/ Maid Service Dvds 

Cleaning Essentials: Routine Cleaning

Our best selling dvd. Used by hundreds of maid services nationwide. Teaches how to clean a home in an orderly and logical fashion. An interactive training dvd covers all the aspects of a routine home cleaning. Areas covered include: Dress and attitude, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Main Rooms. Includes Training Manual! NEW DVD FEATURES: Individual chapters for instant access to specific topics. Includes a built in test using the dvd remote control. Allows new trainees to instantly verify their comprehension.

Length:1 hour 15 minutes. $99 ENGLISH or SPANISH


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Move Out/Make Ready Cleaning

Get your share of this lucrative market! This training dvd will give your workers the experience they need to properly clean vacant homes and apartments. Covers all areas of cleaning for both apartments and houses. Detailed close-ups show your workers the "how to" of make ready cleaning. Length:1 hour 10 minutes. $99 ENGLISH or SPANISH    DVD

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Safety And Procedures
This dvd should be required for all current and future workers. The safety section gives important safety instructions to help minimize on the job injuries. The procedures section covers in detail the cleaning supplies used in residential cleaning and how to properly use them. Regardless of your cleaning methods, this dvd can help. Length:1 hour 10 minutes. Price $99 ENGLISH or SPANISH           DVD

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Kids Can Clean Too!

This all new series is designed to teach children how to enjoy cleaning. It features a one hour dvd on how to motivate children to clean. It also comes with the book "Kids Can Clean Too" filled with ideas on how to motivate children to enjoy cleaning by using games, motivational techniques. As an added bonus you will also receive a "Character Building Coupons" book filled with coupons to help your children build character while learning about cleaning.

Cost: $35.95 Call to order.

Includes: Dvd, Kids Can Clean book, Character Building Coupons.


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"How to Clean Windows Like the Pros" by John Baxter 

96 pages 145 Illustrations "The most complete guide to basic window cleaning I've ever seen" Steven Miller Great Lakes Window Cleaning Introducing the first book of window cleaning that will share the important tips and techniques that window cleaners have used for years. In this step-by-step guide you will learn How to use a squeegee properly What to do when you get streaks Advanced squeegee techniques How it use an extension pole to clean higher windows Author John Baxter, a 20 - year veteran of the window cleaning industry and former director with the International Window Cleaning Association, has coached many window cleaners, both beginning and experienced, in many areas of the window cleaning profession. Book   $12.99

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Finally, a book about window cleaning bidding. No more stressing over a window cleaning estimate. Now our new book, "Straight Talk about Window Cleaning Bidding " takes the guess work out of effecting Window cleaning bidding. 
"The Best way to increase profits starts with proper bidding practices"

You will learn how to bid or estimate windows on:
Post Construction Cleanups and more.
"Straight Talk About Window Cleaning Bidding" offer window cleaners A checklist of questions that should be answered for houses, storefronts, mid-rise, and high-rise window cleaning. Four different ways to bid houses, storefronts, mid-rise, and high-rise window cleaning. A sense of proper bidding that will earn more profit.     Book     $24.99

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Maid Service Forms Package

A complete set of over 23 maid service forms designed to get your maid service off and running in a minimal of time. Includes such things as; worker applications, reference checking form, customer contracts, policy and procedures, customer scheduling forms, employee training forms,  advertisements, customer price estimating form, and much more. Ready for you to personalize and use.  Forms may not be returned. Comes on a cd in .pdf and in Word format so you can easily customize the forms with your logo and company information. Saves hundreds of hours and dollars in research. Be productive from day 1.

Cost: $199


Special Pricing! Any one video/dvd $99. Any two videos/dvd's $178. Any three videos/dvd's $255. Any four videos/dvd's $320 (BEST DEAL!). Each additional video only$75! All videos come with a training manual (which you may duplicate for your personal use). Check the order page for the "The Works" pricing.


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